Talend Data Integration tips

Some common tips on Talend Open Studio for Data Integration.

How to load fix rows of data in a Talend job?

You can use a tFixedFlowInput component, simply placing it in a job and setting the properties, as in the following picture:

Talend data integration load fix row data


How to write Java custom routines in Talend?

Many components of Talend, like tMap or tJavaRow, can handle custom defined Java routines. To define a new java routine simply right click on Code -> Routines on Repository tab and define a new (public static) Java method.

In a tMap component you can call your Java routine simply giving the path of the method, for example

routines.RoutineName.MethodName( arguments ).

By pressing ctrl+backspace on the expression editor Talend helps you on finding your routine method path. 
While defining and using Java routines make sure the row you are processing is not null, or you'll raise a NullPointerException.

Talend TOS use custom java rountines

Talend TOS use custom java routines



How to fix NullPointerExceptions errors in Talend?

This a frequent error when you use a Java expression/routine for example in a tMap without checking if some row values is null. For more details you can read http://www.robertomarchetto.com/www/talend_open_studio_java_nullpointerexception_tmap 



Can be external Java jar libraries used on Talend?

Yes, this can be done placing a tLibraryLoad component on a job. All library methods can be used for example while coding a tMap or tJavaRow. By pressing ctrl+backspace on an expression field an autocompleting list can help you on finding the path of you Java jar methods.


How to use custom command line variables in Talend TOS?

Passing command line arguments on Talend Open Studio is quite easy and flexible. Follow this tutorial for the details: http://www.robertomarchetto.com/www/how_to_parameter_values_talend_job_command_line


Talend TOS vs Pentaho Kettle PDI, which tools is better?

Talend is a general proupose, powerfull and reliable Data Integration tool, tat can perform not only ETL jobs but that can be extended in a complete Data Management platform

Pentaho Kettle, formely Pentaho Data Integration (PDI), is a simpler and more limited ETL tool commonly used for Pentaho Business Intelligence enviroments.

More details can be found on http://www.robertomarchetto.com/www/talend_studio_vs_kettle_pentao_pdi_comparison



Some more resources on Talend Open Studio and Talend Data Integration / Data Management products can be found on http://www.robertomarchetto.com/www/category/blog/talend