Talend and Data Integration freelance consultant

I provide freelancing support for the development of Talend applications for Data Integration.

Talend is just an option, if your company prefers to use other technologies I can implement Data Integration applications in solutions like Java, Python or Apache Spark.

My company Dainco can also provide professional consulting and freelance developers for more general Big Data, Machine Learning and Data oriented applications.


Talend and Data Integration

Any company at certain point needs to integrate, exchange, analyze data stored in different applications. In plain English this means Data integration and it can performed in different ways.

The development of Data integration procedures is usually a repetitive and time consuming task and tools can greatly speed up the process.

For example Talend is a successful and popular suite backed by a company leader in Data Integration.

Talend and the Data Integration is a suite makes straightforward and cost effective the implementation of:

  • Data Integration and Big Data Integration
  • Data quality
  • Data preparation
  • Master data management
  • Cloud integration and applications integration

Talend or custom solutions?

A tool can greatly speed up the development process. There are drawbacks which should be considered anyway, for example the availability of freelance consultants, the flexibility of the tool and the safety of investment.

Even if Talend is a great tool which satisfies most of the business requirements, some clients prefer to avoid tools completely and rely on plain code in common programming languages.

Writing Data Integration procedures in plain code is usually a long and repetitive task, however the client can gain more control and protect the investment by hiring common developers and freelancers if needed.

A compromise of the two worlds is to use plain code with frameworks like Spring or Apache Spark, in any case you can contact me for freelancing consultancy to figure out what the best solution would be.