Link a report in Pentaho Report Designer

An useful feature in reporting is the capability to link a report, in other words open an external report by clicking on a text or a chart area. 

For example let's suppose suppose a report contains the "Top 10 customers" and we want to click on a customer to show all its invoices. With Pentaho Report Designer this task is easy.

First define a parameter on the target report which will be used to query the data. For example in the target Invoices report define a parameter CustomerNo (right click on Parameters -> Add parameter..).

Pentaho Report link parameters

This parameter will be used in the query editor to show all customer's invoices with the special annotation ${CustomerNo}

Pentaho Report link query parameters

Now we can open the first report again (Top 10 Customers) and implement the link by clicking on the field we want to link (for example Customer) and then select Hyperlink.

Pentaho report link hyperlink

The dialog allows to link the destination report by setting:

  • path of the destination report (for example use Browse button to select Invoices report)
  • target ("Blank" shows the the new report in a new window)
  • parameters mapping (in this case CustomerNo values is assigned to source CUSTOMER_NO value).

Pentaho report link hyperlink parameters

The report can now be published on Pentaho Business Intelligence suite and when the user clicks on the new link in "Top 10 Customers" report the related "Invoices" report will be shown. More information can be found on how to use Pentaho Report Designer.