How to learn R, aka free PDF books for R project

R-project is a professional Open Source statistical tool, widely used for academic and business proupose. R itself is a programming language which allows to perform almost any kind of statistical analysis, from simple charts to advanced Data Mining .

The learning curve is steep, so how to start? The IDE can be downloaded on the R-project website, however there are tools built on top of R which make it easier and more productive, for example the excellent Open Source RStudio or the commercial R Evolution Enterprise. RStudio is a good solution to start with (see screenshots) and the code is 100% compatible with R project.

And there are a number of free books of R project:

  • Introduction to the R Project for Statistical Computing for Use at the ITC (pdf)
  • R for Beginners (pdf)
  • Using R for Data Analysis and Graphis (pdf)

And of more specific pdf ebooks as well:

  • A little book of R for Multivariate Analysis (pdf)
  • A little book of R for Biomedical Statistics (pdf)
  • A little book of R for Time Series (pdf)
  • R Graphics (link)