Talend for Data Management screenshots


Talend, a fast growing company focusend on Data IntegrationData Quality and Data Management solutions, is moving towards the emerging Data Management market. 

With data abundance on a growing trend, companies needs to mantaing the quality of the information and reduce archiviation costs while syncronizing several databases. This complex task is often accomplished by writing custom software procedures from scratch, however this approach is usually time expensive and error prone.

Load data into Palo OLAP cubes with Talend tPaloDimension and tPaloOutputMulti


Palo provides an interesting in Memory OLAP Server that uses MDX (XMLA), Excel or Open Office as query tool. The resulting documents (Excel or Open Office worksheets) can be published on a web portal and shared with users. With Talend you can extend Palo default ETL tool with a comprehensive data integration solution and achive more control on data processing.

Creating Palo OLAP cubes and dimensions with Talend


Talend Open Studio has a set of components to manage Palo Cubes and perform complex ETL processing. The main components are:

  • tPaloDatabase
  • tPaloCube
  • tPaloDimension
  • tPaloOutputMulti

This article covers how to create Palo databases, dimensions and cubes structure with Talend, while to load data in Palo cubes see the article Load data in Palo cubes with Talend.

Talend Open Studio and NullPointerException in tMap


The tMap component in Talend Open Studio is a very powerfull component, however is common to encounter an exception message like this:

Exception in component tMap_1 java.lang.NullPointerException
at test.test_0_1.Test.tMysqlInput_1Process(Test.java:2502)
at test.test_0_1.Test.runJobInTOS(Test.java:2793)
at test.test_0_1.Test.main(Test.java:2705)

The exception message is shown in the picture: