Customize Pentaho home page, logo and login form


Pentaho Business Intelligence Platform is written in Java EE and is Open Source (Comunity Edition), this give you a lot of flexibility if you know how to program in Java. You can apply modifications on the source code as long as you accomplish the license terms.

Before proceed with this tutorial you must have at least a basic background in HTML and JSP.


Customize home page

In Pentaho BI Suite version 3.8.0 the default home page is like this.

Pentaho home page to be customized


Creating new Documents with Pentaho Design Studio


To create and deploy new documents in Pentaho Business Intelligence Suite you can use the web interface directly. The web interface is usefull when you have simple reports or simple analysis or to let the final user create them. Some external tools, like Pentaho Report Designer or Mondrian Schema Workbench can publish docuements directly into Pentaho's web platform to achive more control on document definition.

Talend Open Studio vs Pentaho Kettle, a comparison

Talend Open Studi (TOS) and Pentaho Data Integration (Kettle) are two comprehensive and widely used Open Source ETL tools. ETL (Extraction Tranformation Loading) is the process in which data is extracted from different sources (database, file, web services, etc), is then processed (value replacements, computations, etc) and finally loaded on another destination (database, file, web, etc). ETL is a key process in Business Intelligence and Datawarehouse management.