Data Mining

Now in London!

It has been a long time since the last post, now I'm in London working on exiting projects for very big companies!

My current project is the design and development of a visual statistical enviroment with R-Project as backend. I hope the company I'm working for will release it as an Open Source tool for complex Data Mining analysis. 

jStat, a javascript statistical library usefull for BI an Data Mining

jStat is a statistical Javascript library which incorporates a number of interesting functions. The library aims to provide advanced statistical analysis directly from the browser. The project is still at the beginning and some features are on active development. 

The R project like functions names helps statistician, data mining and business intelligence developers who are confortable with this famous open source statistical software.


Data Mining techniques on Twitter to discover user sentiment

Twitter provides a comprehensive web serice API which can be used to retrive its data. At the university of Waikato some researchers used Weka (a popular Data Mining Open Source tool) to process Twitter real time data. Their objective was to analyze users's sentiment, in other words if each single post contained a positive or negative feeling.

For example, a message like "Of course I will" has a positive meaning, while "It's wrong" contains a negative one. And it's possible to consider emoticons like :-) or :-| as well.