Talend Open Studio vs Pentaho Kettle, a comparison

Talend Open Studi (TOS) and Pentaho Data Integration (Kettle) are two comprehensive and widely used Open Source ETL tools. ETL (Extraction Tranformation Loading) is the process in which data is extracted from different sources (database, file, web services, etc), is then processed (value replacements, computations, etc) and finally loaded on another destination (database, file, web, etc). ETL is a key process in Business Intelligence and Datawarehouse management.

How to pass parameter values from command line in Talen Open Studio


Using parameters with Talend Open Studio

Passing parameters to Talend Open Studio is a common solution to parametrize a job execution. It is an easy task once learned how to use Context parameters in Talend Open Studio.

Talend Open Studio Context

1) First run Talend Open Studio and open or create a project.

Talend Open Studio project creation