How to set Pentaho publish password


When you publish a document from an external tool in Pentaho (for example Pentaho Report Designer or Pentaho Schema Workbench), the Pentaho plarform asks for a publishing password.

This password must be set in biserver-ce\pentaho-solutions\system\publisher_config.xml, as follow:

<publisher-password>set your password</publisher-password>

Develop a what-if analysis with QlikView


What-if analysis with QlikView

What if analysis is Business Intelligence techinque to simulate how historycal data (or estimated data) would have changed depending on some parameters. For example a manager can estimate how much the product margin can vary when some values as selling price or selling volumes changes. In a tipical business intelligence application this is achived by collecting hystorical data and applying a parametrized function with parameters set by the final user.

Some advanced what if analysis require a statistical background and some effort, however implementing a basic what-if analysis in a QlikView dashboard can be a simple task with impressive results.

Load data into Palo OLAP cubes with Talend tPaloDimension and tPaloOutputMulti


Palo provides an interesting in Memory OLAP Server that uses MDX (XMLA), Excel or Open Office as query tool. The resulting documents (Excel or Open Office worksheets) can be published on a web portal and shared with users. With Talend you can extend Palo default ETL tool with a comprehensive data integration solution and achive more control on data processing.

Creating Palo OLAP cubes and dimensions with Talend


Talend Open Studio has a set of components to manage Palo Cubes and perform complex ETL processing. The main components are:

  • tPaloDatabase
  • tPaloCube
  • tPaloDimension
  • tPaloOutputMulti

This article covers how to create Palo databases, dimensions and cubes structure with Talend, while to load data in Palo cubes see the article Load data in Palo cubes with Talend.